Complexity Wrangler in Austin, TX


  • Accomplished leader with over two decades of experience delivering effective solutions to application development and fundamental research challenges by way of successful management, execution and an innate ability to reduce technical complexity.
  • Unique combination of technical expertise and business acumen for deep understanding of stakeholder’s needs, and ability to communicate complex topics to senior leaders, external partners, and diverse clientele.

Highlights and Accomplishments

  • Key member of Burt Rutan’s Ansari X-Prize-winning team financed by Paul Allen.
  • Principal Investigator (PI) on DARPA Plan X (now OSD SCO Project IKE), a foundational cyberwarfare platform to plan, conduct and assess cyberwarfare in a manner similar to kinetic warfare. Spearheaded the transition of Plan X to OSD SCO, added novel AI/ML and big data capabilities, and managed integration of other AI/ML-based DoD programs.
  • Co-founder of VirtuePlay to build innovative game technologies enabling rapid development and execution at scale – used on projects sponsored by NASA, and NVIDIA.
  • Lead engineer for the video game adaptation of Michael Crichton’s popular television series, ER, published by Warner Interactive.
  • Private Pilot (SEL) with instrument rating and glider endorsement (began flying at age 14).

Areas of Expertise

Software Architecture, Systems Programming, Informatics, Data Modeling, Big Data Management, Big Data Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, High-Performance Computing, Systems Architecture, Computer and Network Security, Computational Physics, Computer Graphics and Real-Time Visualization.


Optios | Austin, TX September 2019 – Present | Vice President of Software Engineering

Executive team member and principal technical leader responsible for transitioning insights derived from neuroscience research into commercially viable, end-user software and hardware products. Architected and developed a complete end-to-end solution, including bio-signals (EEG, ECG, HR, GSR, gaze/pupil tracking) capture and (big data) storage, bio-signals analytical (AI/ML) processing, user-facing neuro- performance presentation web-portal, and mobile applications for “neuro-boost” training.

Two Six Labs, LLC. | Austin, TX June 2018 – September 2019 | Research Director

Founder and site lead of Two Six Labs’ Austin, TX office (Two Six HQ is located in Arlington, VA). Established Project IKE as the unifying platform for Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM)—from the initial DARPA Plan X seedling to the OSD SCO transition. Responsible for the design and development of intuitive, minimal- cognitive-load systems to gather comprehensive, granular datasets ranging from network sensor data to individual operator actions, and to expose ML insights learned to human users. Responsible for initiatives to gather end-to-end Cyber Mission Force (CMF) mission datasets at scale to conform to a standardized graph-based data model, and to learn and leverage ML embeddings of those datasets to enhance the speed of human operators. Key contributor to technical proposals and business development strategies.

Intific, Inc. | Austin, TX November 2009 – May 2018 | Technical Director

Technical lead on multiple programs, including USAF AETC Predator/Reaper Integrated Mission Environment (PRIME), USAF A-10C Fundamentals Trainer, DARPA PCAS, and DARPA Insight. Principal Investigator (PI) on DARPA Plan X, and Technical Director on DARPA PROTEUS. Responsible for planning, managing and executing research efforts that best satisfy the company’s objectives. Key contributor to technical proposals and business development resulting in over $40MM of contract wins.

VirtuePlay, Inc. | Austin, TX April 2005 – October 2009 | Lead Software Engineer (co-founder)

Designed and developed custom 3D engine frameworks for real-time 3D games and simulations (custom software rasterizer, OpenGL, and DirectX-based). Developed real-time physics models for air, ground and space vehicles. Responsible for the development, maintenance, optimization, and enhancement of physics code. Developed a custom rendering solution for planetary-sized datasets (TBs of LIDAR, imagery, etc.) with artifact-free, level-of-detail transitions from space to sub-meter levels above surface— executing in real-time. Created 3D path-planning, navigation and steering control systems for bipedal entities, air/spacecraft, and wheeled vehicles. Contributed to the development of a designer-friendly propositional calculus-based visual scripting language.

Legacy Interactive, Inc. | Los Angeles, CA April 2004 – March 2005 | Lead Software Engineer

Responsible for the development, maintenance, and optimization of game tools, including environment creation tools using Constructive Solid Geometry. Responsible for implementing non-player character AI, including steering, path planning and physics behaviors. Created complex physics behaviors between wheeled and bipedal characters. Created custom scripting language development tools, bytecode and VM debugger. Implemented custom physics engine and collision response systems for bipeds and vehicles. Responsible for audio effects and music programming.

Scaled Composites, LLC. | Mojave, CA February 2002 – March 2004 | Lead Avionics Software Engineer

Designed and developed custom avionics, simulator, data acquisition and telemetry software for the X Prize-winning, SpaceShipOne spaceplane, and White Knight mothership. Responsible for the user experience (UX), software architecture design, core framework development, and all graphics programming of the Flight Director Display. Assisted aeronautical engineers to implement efficient mathematical models and algorithms to best leverage computer hardware acceleration. Key member of the SpaceShipOne flight control team providing troubleshooting support for avionics software-related issues. Assisted in the development of the telemetry antennae tracking system. Developed custom data acquisition software for the Toyota Advanced Aircraft prototype.

Summary of work history from 1996 to 2002

Willowbrook Technologies, Inc.: x86-based VOIP hardware and client software; VirtueArts, Inc.: Co-founder, first startup attempt to build rapid game engine tech.; A. D. Conmark, Inc.: Prescription filling robotics for pharmaceutical distributor; Brookline Technologies, Inc.: Contract programmer; InsurQuote, Inc.: Developed massively parallel server and a domain-specific, high-performance functional language for insurance risk analysis; Engineering Animation, Inc.: Developed networking infrastructure for massive multiplayer online games.


Awarded “Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs of Utah” by the University of Southern Utah for ORB Technologies, Inc., a software/web development company founded at the age of 18.